The first impression is often a lasting impression, and most employers or admissions officers judge their candidates based on the caliber of their cover letters and resumes. A good cover letter and a supporting resume (or CV) is the first step in making your mark in your academic future. We have an acute awareness of the precise details people look for in choosing the best candidates for the most selective positions. We will thoroughly inspect and analyze every Resume or Cover Letter for:

  • Improving your grammatical correctness and diction
  • Keeping your content as specific and relevant as possible
  • Advising you about creating a professional layout and organization
  • Making your content succinct and concise
  • Highlighting your accomplishments to make them stand out
  • Formatting and increasing the overall appeal


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While ensuring these, we will also make numerous comments about how you can further strengthen and refine your arguments and improve the overall quality of your paper. All consultation will be provided using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.

Resume & Cover Letter Consultation samples

  • This candidate is being advised on how to include the dates of important accomplishments in an appropriate manner as well as being told why this is necessary. CV - 3
  • It is very important to have a well-organized resume, listing more pertinent and recent accomplishments in ascending order. CV - 2
  • Here, advice is being given on how to use a more professional layout and format in terms of fonts, bullets, choice of words etc. to give off a better impression.CV - 1