The professional and friendly consultants at Keys to the I.B. are here to help you make sense of career choices, University applications and its implications for you and your family. Together, we will guide you through the decision process of choosing the right University to ensure your success in academics and your career.


Sid Mehta

Sid Mehta is an IB DP graduate from 2006. During his university career at the University of British Columbia, Canada, he has worked with numerous prospective and current IB DP students and parents from various schools around the world, counseling them about University Admissions at the Undergraduate level around the world. Brenton Kinker, who completed his Bachelors degree from Emory University and his Masters degree from The University of Michigan, both in the United States of America, is also well versed with various admissions themes and requirements for different schools and programs throughout the world. These individuals, along with our network of I.B. alumni around the world, are available to answer any questions you might have about what lies ahead after the I.B.

Brenton Kinker


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