In English Literature, students write an analytical, literary essay on a topic related to a novel or work in translation studied during the course. The goal of this 1200 – 1500 word assignment is to showcase a student’s ability to appreciate various literal, social, cultural and contextual elements in the text.

To succeed with your Written Assignment, you will need to demonstrate critical engagement and explain your choice of topic and work by writing out a brief rationale. Furthermore, you’re expected to explore the literary conventions of the genre by writing an essay showing original thoughts and discussion of your thesis, such as cultural values, roles of characters within the plot, stylistic elements etc.

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3 Keys to succeed

  • Use short quotations containing the key words to support your ideas, instead of using large sentences.
  • Quality is always better than the quantity of arguments: cover more depth when making a point instead of referring to more examples.
  • Ensure that the thesis or the overall theme of your assignment is evident throughout the assignment instead of just the introduction.

Common Mistakes

  • Here, constructive tips have been given on how the student can conclude his assignment on a strong note by tying up all loose ends within his draft.WLP - 3
  • Guiding questions have been provided to allow this student to recognize the missing aspects in an otherwise strong argument.WLP - 2
  • Besides being given some tips on improving structure, this student is being explained on how and why his comparisons can be improved. WLP - 1