In English Language and Literature, students are expected to write 3 – 4 Written Tasks over the course of two years. The goal of this 800 – 1000 word assignment is to showcase a student’s ability to imaginatively explore some aspect of classwork. In producing a Written Task, the student needs to demonstrate critical engagement and explain his or her choice of topic and work by writing out a brief rationale.

Students need to apply stylistic elements within their Written Task that are relevant to the type of written work. These include journal articles, newspaper editorials, blog entries, pastiches or voicing opinions through characterization.

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3 Keys to Succeed with your Written Tasks:

  • In Task 1, there are separate word-counts for the Rationale (max 300) and the actual Task (max 1000).
  • A successful Rationale succinctly explains the reason for targeting a particular audience.
  • Task 1 can be informal, but Task 2 should be more formally structured, with a thesis statement.

Common Mistakes

  • Students often overlook the importance of choosing appropriate words and sentence structure and how it affects their content. Written Task - Common Mistake - 1
  • It is very easy for students to go off track or overlook content organization and structure when they write about emotionally sensitive topics.Written Task - Common Mistakes - 2
  • It is important to conduct research properly and cite the sources, regardless of whether one is paraphrasing or using direct quotations, else it counts as plagiarism. Written Task - Common Mistakes - 3