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How good is our Consultation Service?

Some examples of how we've helped other students:

  • This student was going off-track, and advice was given on how to improve his rationale as well as to adhere to the grading criteria. WT - 3
  • Here, constructive criticism is being used to guide the student towards writing a better, more politically correct introduction. WT - 2
  • It is important to conduct research properly before making assumptions, since inappropriate knowledge claims not only undermine one's own intent, but they also affect the examiner's understanding. WT - 1
Though there is no limit to a student's creativity in this task, each student is required to follow a set of specific grading criteria to produce a successful Written Task. Our team of editors can provide consultation upon these criteria and by showing you how you can:

  • Improve understanding and perception of the text within it cultural and temporal contexts
  • Ensure appropriate textual references
  • Apply the necessary elements of language, structure, tone, technique and style
  • Improve organization and layout
  • Verify logical connections and arguments
  • Correct grammar, register and terminology
*The consultation that will be provided here is a compilation of our own experience, as well as the information contained in Diploma Programme: Language A: language and literature Guide (IBO, Aug 2012)