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Some examples of how we've helped other students:

  • It is important to use appropriate terminology and tense while writing an academic paper such as an Extended Essay. EE - 1
  • All figures and data tables need to be labeled properly to enable easy cross-referencing within the body of the essay. EE - 1
  • This student has been advised on how to reduce word count as well as on how he can improve the overall presentation of his essay's content. EE - 4
  • One has to be consistent with indentation and inserting relevant footnotes in the required places to maintain good formal presentation. EE - 3
  • This student has been advised on how he can simplify his sentences, improve punctuation and rearrange some content to refine the overall content. EE - Common Mistakes - 1
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What is an Extended Essay Consultation?

Our goal is simple: to help you to write the best Extended Essay that you can. Our team of consultants have succeeded at the I.B., undergraduate, and post graduate levels and are fully committed to helping you refine and strengthen your Extended Essay by providing direct and personalized feedback to improve the quality of your written work. Our team is the only group in the world offering such specialized consultation for the Diploma Programme.

Our panel of consultants is comprised of experts who have themselves scored well on Extended Essays in a variety of subjects, and have helped numerous others over the years. We are well acquainted with the specific criteria, style, and content necessary to earn a top mark on this very challenging assignment. When you submit your Extended Essay to us, our team will fully analyze and critique your work with specific attention to:

  • Fulfillment of subject-specific and topic-specific criteria
  • Quality and adequacy of supporting research
  • Individual response and analysis
  • Effective usage of logic and personal reasoning
  • Strength and effectiveness of arguments
  • Grammar, terminology and notations
  • Word count reduction where necessary
  • Additional Subject / Topic specific assessment and feedback


While ensuring these, we will also make numerous comments about how you can further strengthen and refine your arguments and improve the overall quality of your paper. All consultation will be provided using Microsoft Word 2007 and above, using the ‘Track Changes’ feature.


*Consultation that will be provided here is a compilation of our own experience as well as the information contained in Extended Essay Guide (IBO, Aug 2012)

Due to the unique rules and requirements for Extended Essays in each particular subject, we do not have any fixed charges for consultation for these works. To serve you better, we prefer to go over your draft first and then give you an individual price estimate for the full extent of comprehensive consultation that we can provide. For this, please fill in the necessary details and submit your Extended Essay draft in the green box given on the right hand side. Additionally, we offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with this service.