An Extended Essay is a mandatory ~4000 word research paper written by all I.B. Diploma Programme (DP) students, as a preparation for assignments and coursework at the university level. By pursuing independent research on a specific topic, students hone their skills in writing, critical thinking, and organization.

Each DP student is expected to complete an Extended Essay within the two year course, under the supervision of a teacher or a guide appointed by their school. The Extended Essay is the DP’s version of a thesis or a dissertation at the university level.

The IBO recommends that the supervisor spend approximately 2-3 hours in total with the candidate discussing the Extended Essay. Very often, students and supervisors are both overwhelmed with other work and assignments; many students thus find it very challenging to receive adequate feedback and deliver a top-notch essay.

Fortunately, Keys to the IB has developed expertise in guiding students through this process. Through our years of experience with I.B. students, we have devised a plan to help all DP students (and concerned parents!) to get the most out of the Extended Essay experience.

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*The tips provided here are a compilation of our own experience as well as the information contained in Extended Essay Guide (IBO, Aug 2012)