In Business & Management, students showcase their skills and knowledge through a Research Project (HL) or through a Commentary (SL). The goal is to demonstrate your understanding of business management then apply those concepts in a real business scenario to creatively solve a practical problem.

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3 Keys to succeed

  • All supporting research should be recent (less than 2 years old).
  • Support all facts with secondary data and appropriate citations within the introduction only.
  • The analysis should be your own. Rely on your own judgement and opinions rather than on secondary data and citations.

Higher Level

In HL, the Research Project requires students to design an action plan that addresses or investigates challenges or problems faced by an existing business firm. This necessitates:

  • an elaborate design
  • primary and secondary research,
  • analysis and evaluation
  • proposing a feasible solution
  • recommendations to solve problems.
  • Max 2000 words

Standard Level

In SL, students have to write a Commentary on a single existing business firm to:

  • analyze and evaluate a business issue or problem
  • provide supporting primary and secondary research
  • explore business concepts like mergers and acquisitions, distribution, scaling, external environments, socioeconomic trends, etc.
  • Max 1500 words

Here are some very common mistakes students make while writing their Business & Management IAs:

  • Students often spend more time working on the visual appeal of a chart rather than on the textual content within, which is more important. BM Common Mistake - 1
  • When the data presented within a chart is unclear, it is imperative to provide a simple but meaningful explanation in words. BM - Common Mistake - 2
  • Sometimes, the student's own questions and reasons are unclear from the beginning, which greatly affect the overall assignment. BM - Common Mistake - 3