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Some examples of how we've helped other students:

  • This student has been advised on how and why he should use specific terms to prevent ambiguity and maintain his focus. BM - 1
  • It is imperative to know when a particular chunk of text needs to be incorporated within the body of the essay or used as a footnote. BM - 3
  • Here, the student has been advised to add a little more qualitative detail within his design to explain WHY this study was conducted in the first place. BM - 2

Though there is no limit to a student’s choice of topic in this assignment, each student is required to follow a specific set of grading criteria to produce a successful Business & Management IA. Our team of consultants will illuminate all of these criteria while helping you to:


  • Formulate and design a methodical research proposal
  • Improve theoretical understanding within the business context
  • Apply business concepts and methodology effectively
  • Better organize primary and secondary research within the relevant sections
  • Choose appropriate sources of information and cite them correctly
  • Process data succinctly
  • Ensure appropriate contextual references and make comparisons
  • Improve presentation and layout
  • Verify logical connections and arguments
  • Correct grammar, register and terminology
*The consultation that will be provided here is a compilation of our own experience, as well as the information contained in Diploma Programme: Business and management Guide (IBO, Mar 2007.)