The Geography Internal Assessment is a fieldwork assignment in which students apply the geographical skills and knowledge gained in class to pursue their personal interests in a real life situation. The practical aspect of the fieldwork involves physical applications of tools and techniques used within geographical surveys. Following this, students write a 2500 word report which showcases their findings, data and analysis. While assessment criteria are the same for HL and SL, in SL, the report is worth 25% of the final grade, whereas in HL it is worth 20%.

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3 Keys to succeed

  • The fieldwork question is akin to a research question - keep it specific and purposeful!
  • All written work should be analytical (don't just report facts!).
  • The analysis should be your own. Rely on your own judgement and and explain anomalies where possible.

Here are some very common mistakes students make while writing their Geography IAs:

  • Students often forget to clarify why they are exploring a particular theme within the introduction. Geog 1
  • Whenever an image or diagram is used, it needs to be accompanied by sufficient information within the title/ caption. Geog 2
  • Despite reporting data properly, students sometimes forget to include uncertainties and statistical analysis.Geog 3