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Some examples of how we've helped other students:

  • Here, advice has been given on how arguments can be clarified and contradictory information can be removed. Hist - 1
  • This student has been advised strongly to use appropriate citations - the sources cited as well as the format of citations. Hist - 3
  • In keeping with the requirements of Section A, this student has been advised on keeping his topic focused from the beginning. Hist - 2

History Investigations are unique assignments where each student  explores a topic in considerable depth. While the content and subject matter may be unique, students must follow a specific set of grading criteria to succeed. Our team of consultants will illuminate all of these criteria while helping you to:

  • Execute a properly planned investigation and conduct research accordingly
  • Develop a focused research question
  • Better organize content and separate facts from opinions
  • Critically evaluate sources and point out limitations
  • Apply the necessary elements of language, structure, tone, technique and style
  • Improve presentation and layout
  • Verify logical connections and arguments
  • Correct grammar, register and terminology
  • Maintain accurate citations and use an annotated bibliography
*The consultation that will be provided here is a compilation of our own experience, as well as the information contained in Diploma Programme: History Guide (IBO, May 2009)