The goal of practical work within the experimental sciences is to investigate the world around us and inquire about how and why things happen. To gain insight into scientific phenomena, one must apply their curiosity to design and execute suitable experiments.

After investigating, observing, and applying theory you will showcase your experiment’s outcomes, regardless of how simple they may be. There are some factors common to all experiments, starting from Experiment Design, Data Collection & Processing, and finally, Conclusion & Evaluation.

Data Collection & Processing
  • Record raw data
  • Process raw data
  • Present processed data
  • Define the problem / question
  • Control the variables
  • Devise a method to collect data
Conclusion & Evaluation
  • Conclude based on observations
  • Evaluate the reliability of the procedure
  • Recommend improvements to design

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Below is a list of elements that all lab reports must include, in order of appearance: