The Math Exploration provides students with an opportunity to increase their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes. Students choose an area of their own interest and explore real life situations with math by applying theoretical and practical skills to solve problems. This is done at both SL and the HL levels, with slight differences in the grading criteria.

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3 Keys to succeed

  • Focus on one specific area of mathematics - don't mix too many different concepts.
  • Use appropriate mathematical language and terminology throughout.
  • Critically assess the methods and solutions - try to explain contradictions, if any.

Here are some very common mistakes students make while writing their Math Exploration:

  • Sometimes students forget to include sufficient critical information within a diagram that hinders the reader's understanding. Math 1
  • When using a particular mathematical method, it is crucial to justify and explain its use and your objective in straight forward terms. Math 2
  • Students often write what comes to their mind, instead of identifying what is or isn't appropriate for analysis. Math 3
  • Students often forget to distinguish the mathematical language and notation from the regular content within the exploration. Math 4
  • Keep your focus on math, even in the recommendations section. Math 5