Our goal is simple: help you to deliver the best TOK Presentation that you can. Our team of consultants have succeeded at the I.B., undergraduate, and post graduate levels and are fully committed to helping you refine and strengthen your TOK Presentation by providing direct feedback and guidance to improve your work.

Whether it’s presentation tips to improve your connection with the audience, or TOK specific pointers, our team is the only group in the world offering this type of specialized consultation for the Diploma Programme.

Our panel of consultants includes experts who have themselves scored very highly in TOK Presentations in a variety of subjects, and have helped numerous others over the years. We are well acquainted with the specific criteria, style, and content necessary to earn a top mark on this very difficult assignment. When you request a consultation on your TOK Presentation our team will work along side you to improve:

  • Fulfillment of TOK-specific criteria
  • Explicit expression of primary and secondary knowledge claims
  • Quality and adequacy of supporting arguments, as well as maintaining balance
  • Strength and effectiveness of counter-claims and rationales
  • Individual response and analysis
  • Incorporating various areas of knowledge and ways of knowing
  • Effective usage of logic and knower’s perspectives
  • Improving real-life connections, contemporary and past
  • Additional Subject / Topic specific assessment and feedback


*The consultation that will be provided here is a compilation of our own experience as well as the information contained in Theory of Knowledge Guide (IBO, Nov 2008 and IBO, Apr 2013)

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