Writing a 2000 word IA or even a 4000 word Extended Essay is a daunting task in itself, but attention to detail as you write different sections, assign page numbers, format the content, and instert images is crucial for a top grade. Proper presentation requires one to catalog all headings, subheadings and more within the index / table of contents etc. by page number. How many of you have done this manually? A total pain in the ass, isn’t it?

Follow these quick and easy Keys to success and make the word processor work FOR you, not against you.

Header & Table of Contents

There are some built-in tools within word processing softwares like Microsoft Word and Google Documents, which are specifically designed to make these otherwise mind-numbing tasks easy, quick, and automated.

Check out this video tutorial which will help you get acquainted with the basics:

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Referencing & Bibliography

IAs, TOK Essays, and Extended Essays often involve a lot of secondary research, every I.B. student knows just how painstaking it is to reference and cite every little piece of information with footnotes or brackets, depending on the format you have chosen. Another headache is compiling your ever-growing bibliography, which has to be arranged in ascending alphabetical order.

The format of your bibliography varies with the type of referencing you have chosen - such as MLA or APA or Harvard or even Chicago - Turabian. How the hell do they expect you to remember which one goes first? Will you put the authors’ names, or the date of publication, or the name of the work cited? Fortunately, MS Word has designed yet another built-in app to make this process easier as well:

Cover Page & Page Numbers

You’ve finished your paper and now you’re scrambling to finish the cover page. How many of you have simply clicked the ‘do not include page number on the first page’ option? Others try to actually create a separate file for the Cover Page.

Fear not, for there is yet another built-in app within MS Word which will help you get rid of even this problem: